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SIDEQUEST is the best-selling monthly digital magazine that brings you brand new fifth edition and system-neutral RPG content every month!


SIDEQUEST is inspired by the gaming magazines of old, such as Dungeon, Dragon, and White Dwarf. I got started in this hobby by devouring those magazines each month and coming away brimming with inspiration and new ideas for my games, and that is what I want for you with SIDEQUEST.


The sample issue contains:


  • The Reaver. A fighter subclass from issue 15 that builds up violence dice that they can spend for devastating results in combat.

  • The Archive of Great Depth. A fantastic location from issue 13 for you to place in your world for your players to travel to and discover the secrets of a lost civilisation and the immense knowledge they guarded.

  • Vinder’s Vault.  A collection of new magic items for you to use as quest rewards, place in dungeons, or stock the shelves of the local magical emporium.

  • The Fossegrim. A CR 6 Fey monster from issue 13 that uses magical song to lure and defeat its enemies.

  • Beneath the Bank. A short adventure from issue 23 designed to be run in a single session with zero prep, which sees a group of 1st level heroes delving into the depths of a bank vault and taking the treasures within.

  • GM Advice. Finally we have an article from issue 12 on how to structure your campaign planning like the seasons of a TV show and use that structure to bring in recurring elements, themes, and villains.

To get every issue as soon as its released, check out the Icarus Games Patreon. 

SIDEQUEST Magazine Preview Issue


WRITTEN BY: Anthony Cerrato, Ben Doherty, Connor Henry, John Webb, Jonathan Wilder
TRADE DRESS: Alderdoodle
COVER ART: Jarek Madyda
INTERIOR ART: Hokunin, Michael Fiore, Eric Pommer, Dyson Logos.
SPECIAL THANKS: The Icarus Games Playtest Community.

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