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Do you want to spend less time agonizing over your session prep? Do you want to get evocative ideas on the page quickly and then move onto the fun parts of prep? Then this template is for you!


Prep your games in as little as 15 minutes using this template, which includes random tables to generate adventure ideas. 

• An action adventure set in a forest where the heroes must protect a magical creature from a manevolant fey while the threat of betrayal looms over them. 

• A mystery adventure where he players must solve the case of dissapearing townsfolk who claim a great fiend is plaguing their settlement, heralding disaster for the locak area. 

• A crime themed city adventure where the heroes must discover the location of a magical artifact before it can be used by terrible aberration. But all is not as it seems, and something darker is at work. 


These adventure hooks and more wait for you in this template. 



RPG Adventure Template


Your download will include a form-fillable PDF of the template below which you can use to lower your prep time. 

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