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SIDEQUEST is the best-selling monthly 'zine inspired by the gaming magazines of old. When I was younger, I used to look forward to picking up issues of magazines like White dwarf, Dungeon, Dragon, and just devouring the content. Even when the magazines had articles about game systems I wasn't running, I still love getting inspired and using elements of them for my own games. 


That is my goal with SIDEQUEST magazine, to provide inspirational content to players and game masters every month. 


The SIDEQUEST annual brings the first 12 issues of the best-selling 'zine together in a single volume. 



What You'll Get

This 190 page book contains the content from the first 12 issues of SIDEQUEST magazine, presented issue-by-issue and includes: 

  • 7 Fantastic Locations to include in your campaign. 

  • 2 Full classes. The rebuilt Ranger of the Wild, and the Witch.

  • 8 Subclasses. 

  • 8 New Monsters & 11 Monster Templates to adjust existing monsters.

  • 2 Factions.

  • 2 Short Adventures.

  • 28 New Magic Items.

  • 17 New Spells.

  • 10 New Feats.

  • Expanded mechanics, including new conditions, weapon properties, and downtime rules. 

  • Worldbuilding articles including pantheons, dealing with the apocalypse, naming fantastic locations, and more. 

  • GM Advice including running horror themed games, remaking the 5e economy, planning campaigns, and more. 

The download also includes digital maps and monster tokens for use in your favourite VTT. 

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