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Digital Reference Sheets for all the SRD Classes to Make Learning (and playing) 5e Easier Than Ever!


Never forget your class' abilities again with these digital sheets thanks to simple, natural language, trackers for core abilities, icons to make finding things on the page easy, and page references to the core books.


Perfect for teaching new players the fundamentals of their characters, or to give veterans a reminder as to what they can do with their character on their turn, these cheat sheets have a home on any 5e game table.


What People Are Saying


"These clean, easy to understand sheets are the perfect print out reference for beginner or experienced players."

  • ZipperonDisney

"This is the sort of thing that the PHB should come with. It's a great resource for new and experienced players alike."

  • LunchBreakHeroes

"FANTASTIC! And not just for beginners, either, I've been playing for decades, and I can still use something like this, and I think the other players at our table could, too."

  • @hollywoodsapien

Class Cheat Sheets for 5e


The GM bundle contains 12 class cheat sheets, covering the 12 core classes and subclasses of the base game:

  • Barbarian, Path of the Berserker

  • Bard, College of Lore

  • Cleric, Life Domain

  • Druid, Circle of the Land

  • Fighter, Champion

  • Monk, Way of the Open Hand

  • Paladin, Oath of Devotion

  • Ranger, Hunter

  • Rogue, Thief

  • Sorcerer, Draconic Bloodline

  • Warlock, Fiend Patron

  • Wizard, College of Evocation


The sheets are provided as PDFs for you to print at home, with form-fillable options available in the bundle for those playing digitally. 

This bundle also includes the following bonus items, which were unlocked as stretch goals during our Kickstarter campaign: 

  • Blank class and subclass sheets, allowing you to make non-SRD characters using the cheat sheets. 

  • Ancestry cards which provide players with the mechanical information of the SRD races in printable card format. 

  • A redesigned character sheet to be simpler for new players, and work directly with the cheat sheets. 

  • A player reference screen containing common, non-class specific, rules your players will want to reference. 

  • A character creation guide to help new players make their characters. 

  • A session 0 guide to help new GMs prepare to run their first game. 

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