Greetings and welcome to Icarus Games. 

I've been a fan of tabletop games for almost 20 years now, and since then I've played dozens of games and owned thousands of miniatures. 


Eventually, my love of miniatures became a business, and Icarus was born. We provide design services for other companies in the industry, including concept art, 3D miniature sculpting, and rules writing/consultation. 


We've worked with over a dozen companies to make more than a hundred miniatures since we started. 

Storytelling has always been my other passion, so it was inevitable that eventually I would start playing Dungeons and Dragons


I got started during 3/3.5 and played off and on throughout school and university, though our campaigns never lasted more than a few sessions before fizzling out. 

So eventually I decided the only way I was going to get the long-time game I'd always wanted was to step into the Dungeon Master role myself. 

Now I make videos every week to help other people be better dungeon masters and game masters and have more fun with their friends. 


What were your first miniatures? 


I started with the Lord of the Rings: Battle Games in Middle Earth magazine. I collected LotR minis for a couple of years before I moved onto Warhammer 40,000


What armies do you collect/play now? 


For Warhammer: Age of Sigmar I have a Nighthaunt force, and for 40k I have had many armies over the years but always end up coming back to the Space Marines, specifically the Imperial Fists. 


Who was your first D&D character? 

I played Ser Barnston Weatherby III, a Fighter/Knight. He formed a tight bond with a tiefling named Gregory. Gregory would go on to be a PC in my campaign, and Barney became an NPC. 


What edition of D&D do you run? 

I've been running a Pathfinder RPG campaign for the last 3 years, taking the players all the way through to level 20, but I'm gong to be playing 5th edition next.

What is your favourite biscuit? 

Chocolate Hobnob, no contest.