The Icarus Project

The Icarus Project is a science fiction skirmish wargame for two or more players.


Control a small squad of elite soldiers as they try and accomplish their mission; such as diffusing a series of bombs across the battlefield.

Leap between buildings and use grenades and missiles to throw your opponents from rooftops with the force of the blast.

Watch as a reconnaissance plane is shot down over the battlefield and race to recover the black box before your enemy can.

Steal an unoccupied enemy bike and race across the battlefield to recover the black box only to be shot off the bike – which continues forward and crashes into a building, causing enough damage to make it collapse and crush the models inside.

Diffuse a ticking bomb and avoid being blown up, only to be stabbed in the back by an enemy model who had been waiting, invisible, for your back to be turned.

Dash from cover to cover, crawling through barbed wire and past hostile alien plant life, only to be hit by an enemy sniper.

Staunch your wounds long enough to get to your feet and charge the closest enemy model, pulling the pin of a grenade as you do and engulfing you both in a ball of light and flame.

All of this and so much more is possible with The Icarus Project

– Choose your Faction –

There are 6 factions to choose from in The Icarus Project.

The Galactic Alliance of Humanity are the ruling body of mankind and are tasked with humanity’s protection throughout the galaxy. The brave men and women of the Alliance army keep humanity safe from the many threats it faces.

The Nexus are a brutal and barbaric race, who have already waged two galactic war to rid humanity from the galactic stage.

The Praesidians are an ancient race determined to bring all the species of the galaxy together to fight against the mythical Horror – a manifestation of evil they believe is coming to consume all life.

The Ji’tar are a mysterious and insular race. Their empire is small but powerful, thanks to a rare metal found only on their 11 home worlds.

The URC, or United Robotics Corporation, is a new player on the galactic stage,  whose goal is the evolution of humanity through science and technology. Controlling vast armies of autonomous combat drones, the URC will bring about the next step of human evolution. . . at any cost.

The Mercenary faction makes its home in the Neutral Zone, a vast expanse of space outside of any government control. Their weapons are available to anyone with enough credits.

– build your strike force –

The Icarus Project is played using groups of 35mm resin miniatures, called Strike Forces.

Each player has number of “points” decided before the game with which to build their Strike Force.

Every miniature has a “points value” which the player spends to use that miniature. They do this again and again, spending points to include miniatures in their Strike Force until they have no more points to spend.


Game of The Icarus Project are fast-paced and brutal.

Each miniature is controlled and activated individually, and players activate their miniatures alternatively one after another, keeping the action dynamic and ensuring no one is sat doing nothing while their opponent performs all their actions with all their miniatures.

Situations change quickly in-game. One moment you may be holding an objective in a building, safe from enemy fire- and the next minute you receive orders to recover the black box of a downed recon plane at all costs, forcing you from safety to deny your enemy vital intelligence.

Battlefield Orders ensure no two games are ever the same as your objectives change over the course of the battle and you fight to stop your opponent from completing their objectives.

Dynamic movement rules allow your miniatures to leap over cover into hand to hand combat, or risk falling to their doom as they jump between two roofs or swing across a chasm on a chain.

Rules for building destruction mean that cover can become your tomb as your enemy throws a grenade through a second floor window and the explosion brings the building down around you. Your model can attempt to throw themselves through the open window and risk dying in the fall to avoid being crushed by debris. Of course, this will leave them in the open and exposed. . .

– Narrative Gameplay –

As you should be able to tell, games of The Icarus Project are filled with narrative and cinematic moments that make you feel like you’re part of an action film.

Special rules help to tie the game play to the background universe, granting models special abilities that represent how the character behaves in the fiction.

The game can also impact the background, with the results of campaigns and special scenarios affecting the future of The Icarus Project universe.

Your games can change the future of the story. Your victories can bring new reinforcements for your faction. Your defeats can see your faction driven back.

– getting started –

So you want to get started in the world of The Icarus Project?

The best place to start is with one of our Nexus or Alliance Starter Sets. These box sets contain 5 Icarus Miniatures and are enough to build a 100 point Strike Force, a perfect starting point to learn the rules.

Each set also comes with a Quick Start Rulebook that will teach you the basics of The Icarus Project.

You can also download the full Beta rules here.

From there, add additional models to your Strike Force, paint them up, and conquer your enemies!

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