Joesph Edwards, also know as the Gunslinger is a marshal detective; tasked with bringing the galaxy’s most fearsome criminals to justice.


He travels from world to world with a small team of Alliance marshals and troopers, apprehending criminals wherever they may be found.


Styling himself after the western lawmen of Old Earth, the Gunslinger is never seen without his iconic hat and long coat.


The Gunslinger is one of the most skilled detectives in the Alliance, and he has brought more criminals to justice than any other individual.


The Gunslinger is a unique special character in the Alliance force in The Icarus Project.


This product contains the Gunslinger STL files, including legs, torso, head, and arms. All files available as pre supported STLs and the zip also includes a sliced file that have been successfully printed on an Elegoo Mars printer with Elegoo ABS-like Resin.  The head and arms are compatible with other Alliance miniatures. 

This model is designed to be printed at 1/48 (35mm) scale.

The Gunslinger