Deep in the mountains there is an ancient temple that once belonged to worshippers of the sun goddess, but has been taken over by a darker evil.


The Serpentine titan, Afeaa, and her children have fled their home plane and found themselves in the temple of the sun goddess. From here, they have been plaguing the local villages as they look to expand their dominion.


The characters have been tasked with entering the temple, defeating Afeaa, and restoring peace to the region in this one page adventure for 4-6 players of 5th level. 


One page adventures are designed to give you a starting point as the game master, providing a plot hook and a lose structure for you to build on. Ideal for game nights where your prep time is low, a one page adventure can get your creaive juices flowing and give you enough content for an evening's gameplay. 

Art by EdeLaszlo

Temple of the Serpent