SIDEQUEST is the monthly RPG magazine from Icarus Games. 

Inspired by the hobby magazines of old, SIDEQUEST is filled with useable content for your 5th edition games, as well as articles to inspire you no matter the system you play. 


  • The Primordial World: First up in this issue we're looking at the world before the rise of the new gods, where titanic, dragon-like primordial creatures ruled the cosmos. The world in which Ashk is located also has a name finally, Istar, named for the primordial dragon who died there and introduced the first magic to the planet.
  • New Subclasses: This issue has 2 new subclasses. First up is the Dragon patron for the warlock, followed by the Oath of Ash, a fiery new option for Paladins. 

  • New Magic Items: Vinder's Vault of Magic is back in town, and this time the merchant is bringing some ancient magical technology with him in the form of Sunat Stones, the crystalized fossils of dead primordial gods!  Plus plenty of other goodies to entice your players with! 


    New Monsters: A pair of storm-themed monsters round out the issue as we explore how designing monsters to synergize with each other can make them more effective and interesting



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SIDEQUEST Issue 7 - November 2021

  • WRITTEN BY: Anthony Cerrato, Lewis Coyne, Zavier Bates, Taylor
    EDITING & DESIGN BY: Anthony Cerrato
    LAYOUT & GRAPHIC DESIGN: Anthony Cerrato
    TRADE DRESS: Alderdoodle
    ART: Dean Spencer, Soulafein, Balazs Pirok, Enmanuel Lema
    Martinez, Keli Black.
    SPECIAL THANKS: The Icarus Games Playtest Community.