SIDEQUEST is the monthly RPG magazine from Icarus Games. 

Inspired by the hobby magazines of old, SIDEQUEST is filled with useable content for your 5th edition games, as well as articles to inspire you no matter the system you play. 


  • The Carnival of Hysteria: The Carnival of Hysteria is a magical circus that moves from town to town bringing thrills and frights to the nearby populace. In this gazetteer you'll learn about the people and attractions of the carnival. What's more, there's a election of simple carnival games written by Todd Kleinpaste to entertain your players during their visit!
  • Vinder's Vault: Any good carnival has great venders, and this issue sees the debut appearance of Vinder's Vault, an interdimensional magic store operated by the mysterious Vinder, a man who always seems to have exactly what you're looking for. This installment includes several magic items conceived by Zavier Bates, and we will be seeing more of Vinder and his store in future issues!
  • Bard College of Clowns: This issue includes 4! carnival themed subclasses, with the College of Clowns bard leading the way. This subclass is focused on mischief and will allow your bard to expand their bardic performances to include pie in the face, acid filled flowers, and more!
  • The Juggler Fighter: Next up is the juggler fighter, which is the ideal thrown weapon class. As you level up this class you gain the ability to magically recall your thrown weapons, as well as gain limited flight by hanging onto the thrown weapons.
  • The Path of Greatness Barbarian: This is the Greatest Show! The path of Greatness Barbarian is all about putting on a show, and you do that by declaring an Act of Greatness, a great feat that you intend to complete while you rage. Completing these tasks grants you greatness dice that you can use to improve your future rolls.
  • The Deckmaster Warlock: The Deckcaster is my personal favourite of the subclasses. This warlock subclass is based around the tarot deck, with their patron manifesting its powers through a deck of magical cards know as the fate deck. Each day the deckmaster draws a random hand of tarot cards which grant them new spells, special abilities, or penalties. There are 44 unique possibilities in the fate deck, and each is based in part on various interpretations of actual tarot readings.
  • The Flourish System: Last, but certainly not least, Eric Law brings us a new narrative combat system that allows characters to add a flourish to their attacks when they roll an 18-20. Blind your opponents, push them down, disarm them, or go for the tendons with this alternate mechanic to make martial combat more interesting and engaging.


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SIDEQUEST Issue 5 - September 2021

  • WRITTEN BY: Anthony Cerrato, Eric Law, Todd Kleinpaste, ZavierBates
    DESIGN BY: Anthony Cerrato
    LAYOUT & GRAPHIC DESIGN: Anthony Cerrato
    TRADE DRESS: AlderDoodle
    ART: Brett Neufeld, David Mark, Dean Spencer, Jarek Madyda,Jeshields, Soulafein. Additional assets from Fantasy Stockart,Shutterstock, & Pixabay.
    CARTOGRAPHY: Anthony Cerrato using Inkarnate PRO.

    SPECIAL THANKS: The Icarus Games Playtest Community.

    SIDEQUEST is unofficial Fan Content permitted under the Fan
    Content Policy. Not approved/endorsed by Wizards. Portions of
    the materials used are property of Wizards of the Coast. ©Wizards
    of the Coast LLC.”