SIDEQUEST is the monthly RPG magazine from Icarus Games. 

Inspired by the hobby magazines of old, SIDEQUEST is filled with useable content for your 5th edition games, as well as articles to inspire you no matter the system you play. 


  • The Ashk Gazetteer: The land of Ashk has been cursed and is now plagued with beasts of chaos. This article also includes some advice on what themes and topics to explore in a game set during an apocalypse.

  • Monster Templates: Easily adjust the stats of your monsters with these 11 new monster templates that allow you to quickly change the stats and CR of a monster. Do you want your mobs to feel more substantial against tht higher level party? Throw the Elite Warrior template on them. Do you need a caster for an encounter but can't find one in the CR range or that fits the theme of your encounter? Choose one of the four Spellcaster templates to give your monsters some magic.

  • Two Chest Mimic: Players love downtime activities, and this issues gives you options for two of the most popular past times for adventurers, gambling and drinking. Two chest mimic is a new dynamic dice game that keeps players on their toes throughout they try and escape with the treasure without falling victim to the mimics.

  • Drinking Contest Rules: This simple system allows your PCs to take part in drinking contests, get drunk, and feel a variety of effects as a result. It also includes a drinks menu with pricing and tasting notes for 18 beverages.

    Included in your download is the high quality 300dpi magazine, as well as a smaller file size version. 


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SIDEQUEST Issue 4 - August 2021

  • WRITTEN BY: Anthony Cerrato
    DESIGN BY: Anthony Cerrato
    LAYOUT & GRAPHIC DESIGN: Anthony Cerrato
    TRADE DRESS: AlderDoodle
    ART: Enmanuel Martinez Lema, Dean Spencer, Balazs Pirok, EdeLaszlo, Tan Ho Sim, Soulafein, Jeshields, Joyce Mauriera. Additionalassets from Fantasy Stockart, Shutterstock, & Pixabay.
    CARTOGRAPHY: Anthony Cerrato using Inkarnate PRO.

    SPECIAL THANKS: The Icarus Games Playtest Community.

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    Content Policy. Not approved/endorsed by Wizards. Portions of
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