SIDEQUEST is the monthly RPG magazine from Icarus Games. 

Inspired by the hobby magazines of old, SIDEQUEST is filled with useable content for your 5th edition games, as well as articles to inspire you no matter the system you play. 


  • The Ashk Gazetteer, Kadim the City of Mages: A magical city complete with a map, 20+ locations, dozens of plot hooks, and information on 70+ NPCs.
  • Expanded Conditions: Set your enemies on fire or chill them to their core with these new 11 new conditions for 5e combat. 
  • Power Word Spells: 14 new power word spells to rip your enemies limb from limb or cause them to forget prepared spells. 
  • Void Screamer: A CR 13 aberration that tears its way into the material plane from a nightmare realm hunting sources offf strong magics. 

Included in your download is the high quality 300dpi magazine, as well as a smaller file size version. You'll also get the map of the city and tokens of the Void Screamer for VTT play.


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SIDEQUEST Issue 3 - July 2021

  • WRITTEN BY: Anthony Cerrato
    DESIGN BY: Anthony Cerrato
    LAYOUT & GRAPHIC DESIGN: Anthony Cerrato
    TRADE DRESS: AlderDoodle
    ART: Dean Spencer, Mattias (Baconstrap), Joyce Maureira, Jeff
    Brown. Additional assets from Fantasy Stockart, Shutterstock, &
    CARTOGRAPHY: Anthony Cerrato using Inkarnate PRO.

    SPECIAL THANKS: The Icarus Games Playtest Community.

    SIDEQUEST is unofficial Fan Content permitted under the Fan
    Content Policy. Not approved/endorsed by Wizards. Portions of
    the materials used are property of Wizards of the Coast. ©Wizards
    of the Coast LLC.”