SIDEQUEST is the monthly RPG magazine from Icarus Games. 

Inspired by the hobby magazines of old, SIDEQUEST is filled with useable content for your 5th edition games, as well as articles to inspire you no matter the system you play. 

Issue 1 contains: 

  • The Ashk Gazetteer: In Ashk, the towns and city-states are safe, but the Sea of Sand is a vast, hostile, wilderness. In this first installment you'll be given an introduction to this new desert-based campaign setting compatible with any fantasy system.
  • The Ranger of the Wild: A complete rebuild of the base Ranger class for 5e. This rebuild looks to ring the class closer to the classic depictions of the ranger as a skilled warrior living on the fringe protecting civilization from wilderness. Includes full levels 1-20 rules and 3 subclasses. 
  • Save Your Campaign: An article on how to stop the slow death of your campaign and make sure you and your friends keep playing week after week, year after year. 
  • The Sleeper of Uquorah: A new CR11 aberration that hunts in the Astral Sea. 

Included in your download is the high quality 300dpi magazine, as well as a smaller file size version. You'll also get the map of Ashk, and a variety of resources for the Sleeper of Uqorah including monster card and VTT token. 


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SIDEQUEST Issue 1 - May 2021

  • WRITTEN BY: Anthony Cerrato
    DESIGN BY: Anthony Cerrato
    LAYOUT & GRAPHIC DESIGN: Anthony Cerrato
    ART: Joshua Bastareche, Black Forest Characters, Robert X.Cadena, Andrew Krahnke, LadyofHats, Ian MacLean, Eric Pommer,Soulafein, Dean Spencer. Additional assets from Fantasy Stockart,Shutterstock, & Pixabay.
    CARTOGRAPHY: Anthony Cerrato using Wonderdraft &
    SPECIAL THANKS: The Icarus Games Playtest Community.

    SIDEQUEST is unofficial Fan Content permitted under the Fan
    Content Policy. Not approved/endorsed by Wizards. Portions of
    the materials used are property of Wizards of the Coast. ©Wizards
    of the Coast LLC.”