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Welcome to the new site!

Greetings gamers, and welcome.

As you may have noticed, has had a facelift. It has been more than a year since we freshened up the site, and while our previous site did the job, it had grown clunkly and slow, and it was time for a fresh coat of digital paint.

The biggest change to the site is a change of platform. For the last 3 years the site had been running on a Wordpress platform. Wordpress is an almost endlessly customizable platform which is very powerful. But that power had become overwhelming and with all the other aspects of running the business, maintaining the site had become a real chore.

So this new site is built on a Wix platform. This will make very little difference to your user experience, but means I can make changes much more quickly and much easier than before, which will hopefully translate into more content on the site.

Moving to the Wix platform has a few user benefits also.

The largest of these is that you can now use credit and debit cards to pay for orders directly on the site via Stripe. You no longer need a Paypal account to place orders.

And with that, we now have SSL protection to keep those direct payments safe.

The evolution of the Icarus Miniatures homepage over the last 3 years.

A Soft Relaunch

The launch of the new website also serves as a soft relaunch for the business as a whole. As some of you will have read and heard, 2017 was particularly difficult for Icarus Miniatures. After successfully delivering on the Alliance and Nexus starter set Kickstarter, we ran into a whole host of problems.

The short version is that I had to bring production of the miniatures in-house to ensure the quality remained high. This meant spending money on equipment and supplies and left Icarus with no physical products to sell for about 6 months.

Fortunately, I had the profit from the Kickstarter, which was all that kept Icarus afloat during that time. But it meant that money that originally was supposed to serve as the jumping off point for the next round of sculpting got absorbed into bills and running costs.

In September 2017 I moved out of the office I had been in for a year as I no longer needed all that physical space to store stock. It took a couple of months, but eventually I finished redecorating a room at home to work from.

And suddenly it's June and it's only now, more than a full year after the problems started, that I'm in a position to regularly cast and rebuild stock levels.

New Old Miniatures

The first "New" release of this soft relaunch will be the Gunslinger, and Alliance Troopers.

These were the first miniatures produced for the Alliance faction and it has always bothered me that they each had one arm attached to the body.

So I had our new main sculptors rework the gunslinger and 3 male troopers so that their arms and heads were all interchangeable.

This makes the models easier to cast, but it also means you, the customer, have much more flexibility in how you want to build your models.

As you can see, these new cuts allow you to mix and match heads and arms to create greater variety.

Some combinations looks better than others of course. I particularly like using the trooper arms and heads on the Gunslinger body to make Alliance Marshals.

These models are available to PRE-ORDER and will be dispatched the week of August 27.

The Icarus Design Studio

The biggest development of 2017 after delivering the Kickstarter was the launch of the Icarus Design Studio. We began offering a sculpting service through our studio of sculptors.

One of the Grunts we sculpted for Daruma Productions

We've already completed dozens of sculpts for multiple clients, ranging from personal clients looking for that one off miniature to use as a centerpiece to their collection, to well-known companies looking to release new products.

The design studio helped to bring in the revenue needed to keep the lights on and keep the business going while everything else was going on.

To see more of our design work, go here.

Video Killed the Radio Star

During the down time last year while waiting on contracts, refunds, and all that boring business-y stuff, I started a youtube channel as a way to stay busy.

Since then, the channel has grown to more than 1,500 subscribers and puts out new content almost every week.

The channel covers terrain, mini painting, product reviews, and now tabletop RPG content.

See some highlights below.

Going Forward

So where do we go from here?

Well, with the infrastructure finally in place to start producing miniatures again, it's time to do just that!

Behold, a WIP for the first brand new Icarus Miniatures sculpt in more than a year - the female barbarian.

The first in a new range, this miniature came as a result of several factors. Firstly, I wanted a line of products with more mass appeal - products that could be used in as many game systems as possible. Secondly, I wanted to do some miniatures that could be used in tabletop RPGs like D&D and Pathfinder. And finally, I wanted to get more decent representation of warrior women on the market.

So I asked every corner of the Internet to vote on what RPG archetype they would like to see released first, and the Barbarian was the winner.

This miniature will be coming to Kickstarter for a very short campaign once she's finished (there's still work to do on some areas like the chainmail). The campaign will very short and will fund this miniature and a few different equipment options.

This is a test to see what the demand for a miniature like this is. If successful, it will be followed by campaigns for all the other core RPG classes, and maybe other classes and races in the future.

It will also show that we can use the platform to fund individual miniatures, which means we can start releasing more Icarus Project minis one at a time.

So I hope you enjoy the new site.

Much love


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