On this page, you’ll find all downloadable content for The Icarus Project, including rules, stat cards, and additional content.


Full Rulebook

The Icarus Project is a science fiction skirmish wargame set hundreds of years in the future.

Download here. 


Print Friendly Rules

If you plan on printing the rulebook, you’ll want to download this version, which includes just the rules with no background information or artwork.

Download here.


Quick Start Rules

If you’re brand new to The Icarus Project, the Quick Start Rules are the perfect place to begin.

This 16-page, A6 booklet contains all the core rules that you’ll be referring to most frequently during your games. Any time a more advanced rule comes up, it points you to the main rules.

This is the perfect starting point to help you understand the basics of the game before moving onto more advanced rules.

Download here.


Quick Reference Sheet

The 2-page Quick Reference Sheet contains all the core information for playing games of The Icarus Project, and if the perfect resource for answering basic rules questions without having to open the rulebook.

Download here.

Print and Play Miniatures

If you’ve yet to pick up any of our miniatures but still want to try the game, you can download these print and play miniatures to use. Just cut them out along the solid lines, fold the dotted lines to for a tab for the base, and you’re good to go!